sábado, 3 de noviembre de 2007


Clean-up. The characters are property of ACCIO.

Some of the work I did as inbetweener to producer ACCIO in the film "Flying Heroes/Cher Ami".

You could see a couple of scenes I did for them in the trailer.

Comic & Strips

Some of comic-book pages i did. Most of them are test pages.

Strip I did for fun.


Some illustrations I did to Estudi Roig.
Illustrations for the toilets staff I did to FNAC.Pin-up I did to Alpha Omega Comic.

Ink by Quique.

Some illustrations I did for fun.

Character Desing

Characters desings I did to Sound Graph.

Desings for a flash serie.
Desings for comic-books projects where I'm working on.

Color by Esther Punzano.

Characters desings I did to Alpha Omega Comics.


A couple of examples of storyboards made to Estudio Roig.